Sunday, January 25, 2009

Of Work and Play

This is the soon to be garden spot on the western border of our property. A group of young people from one of the churches volunteered to come and help us. It was such a blessing to have their help here.

The pathfinders from the group practicing their marching skills, as the afternoon rains rumble towards them. The poem below describes the soccer game that sprung up with the rain just a few minutes after this picture was taken.

Dash! Splash! Crash!

Thunder crumbles,

Wind snaps sharp

Rain soaks down and through.

Sprinting! Sliding! Diving!

Taste of rain,

Barefoot thwacks,

Bodies hit the ground!

“Vai! Vai! Vai!”

Dancing feet,

Hammering head,

Bouncing knees, thumping chest!

“Ladrão! Ladrão!”

Laughter crescendos

Shouts of endorphins,

Zinging ball, stinging toes!

Slam! Spin! Goal!

(Vai = go, Ladrão = theif)

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