Monday, March 30, 2009

For Wild Orchids

Friday evening I wrote a list of the days blessings - and I thought I'd share!
A highly recommended habit - once you start listing it's hard to stop!

Thank you for waking me up with a chorus of parrots.
And for company on my run.
Thank you for showing me the kingfisher catching a fish.
For the morning sun sparkles on the lake.
For worship and morning hugs.
Thank you for enough sun and wind to dry my clothes today.
For fire ants because they remind me that my nerves are in good condition.
For puppy pounces and wiggles.
For brooms and bleach to scrub away the mold.
For filling my heart with music.
For clean drinkable water in my water bottle
And that the pump of the well is working.
That the little cucumber plants are blossoming already.
For cracks in the floor to sweep dirt through.
Thank you for good food and the energy it gives.
For wild orchids.
Thank you for showing me the big scorpion in time to kill it.
For the small window of internet to read emails and know what to pray for.
Thank you for the rich colors in the afternoon storm.
That my violin is surviving the tropics.
For the questions of a three-year-old to make me think.
For the blessing of Sabbath rest.
Thank you for the little wooden church, and for play-dough to keep Levi occupied.
For the little kids who ask for lullabies every night.
Thank you for the lullaby’s of frogs and night critters
And the bats and cocharoaches in the roof.

My soul shall praise You as long as I live!
Thank you Lord for life.


  1. Especially for the big scorpion--in time to kill it. I know how big things can get down there, and was wondering how big this big scorpion was.

  2. HI Caitlin
    This is your great Uncle Dick
    I've enjoyed checking your blog as I get a chance.
    Sounds like you're having a good time and serving the Lord. You are a good writer. I talked to your grandpa Last week. He was having a good day. It was good to visit with the family. He had just gotten home to Har's.
    Stay Safe. You're in our prayers.

  3. the scorpian was about 2 and a half, maybe three inches long.